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The H2O Project

Please send your donation directly to the well drilling organization you wish to support. Furthermore, many of those organizations can provide you with even more great resources. Here are several choices:
·         Living Water International has all sorts of resources ready for you. Their college water challenge is here:
·         The Water Project has a kit available here:
·         I Can Go Without has a great app.

·         If you’ll be donating to Catholic Relief Services, Water for South Sudan, charity:water or any other organization not listed above, The H2O Project  can help by explaining the project, and providing a host of downloads.

The H2O Project, MCP# #10794, is a Ministry Charity Project of WaterStone Support Foundation, TID#84-1430063.  All contributions to WaterStone are completed and unrestricted.  Information is available from WaterStone, 2925 Professional Place, Ste. 201, Colorado Springs, CO  80904-8136. Waterstone, through its donors, pays all the program and other costs of The H2O Project (e.g. DVD's, printing, mailing, etc.) Thus, 100% of your contributions go to the organizations that are actually doing the well-drilling.