How much does it cost to dig a well?

The cost varies greatly depending on how deep and through what sort of rock or soil the well must be dug, but it is as little as $1,500. When you divide the cost of a well by the number of people who use it, the average cost is about $10 per person.


What if I have to drink milk?

By all means, do so. But if you can give up milk for 2 weeks, that might be another several dollars toward the saving of another life.


What if I usually buy bottled water?

Buy one. Then just for 2 weeks inconvenience yourself by continuing to refill it.


How do I select which well drilling organizations to support?

If you already have one in mind that isn't listed below, that's fine with us. Otherwise, click on any of the organizations below for more information.

Water/Drilling Organizations:

Lifewater International Gospel For Asia
Living Water International Blood:Water Mission
Water For People Village Schools International
World Vision, Inc. Thirst Relief International

Water Missions International

charity: water
Catholic Relief Services The Water Project
Can I keep drinking my usual stuff, but just make a donation?

That's OK. It will still help the needy, but you will miss out on the experience of sacrificing for others, and that's a big part of The H2O Project.


What if I forget and drink a soda?

No problem. Just start again.


Ready to contribute? Already have an organization in mind?

Just click here.


If you have a ministry that provides clean water and would like to use The H2O Project resources to raise funds for your work, please feel free to do so.