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"We had a great time this past Sunday at the celebration of giving breakfast .  We must drink a lot of coffee, because $1,986.00 was given in Jesus name through The  H2O challenge!  That is enough to drill a well for a thirsty community."


“It was a great empathy challenge & a good witness.” – Jeff Finnegan, Ferguson MO


“…It is great that the groups/ churches don’t need any start up money for this project. The educational DVD’s are of great value in raising awareness.” – Bonnie Moser, Vicksburg, MI


“The idea of consumption to contribution is very powerful.” – Carolyn Polchow, Los Angeles, CA


“I think this is a great ministry and was very glad to discover it when we did. Thank you for all of your work for this project.” – Marilynn Knott, Oklahoma City, OK


“We made labels and wrapped them on water bottles – sold them with the bracelets for $1 at high school lunch as our fundraiser.” – Morgan Hann, Sugar Land, Tx


“Doing this in conjunction with Franciscan Spirituality courses was a great way for students to be in solidarity with the poor and help them at the same time!” – Sister Anita Holzmer, Fort Wayne, Indiana


“This was a great project and I look forward to receiving the feedback and google earth coordinates of the well we helped to build.” – Haley Acuff, Concord, NC


“We started this project … and did it at our high school during Lent. Our little trickle of water… grew and grew and grew. As the word got out into the community others joined our school…” – Sandy Baldwin, St. Cloud, MN

“Thank you for a great challenge! It was easy to put together and all the online materials were great.” – Molly Clark, Belton, MO


If you are considering a ‘Water Challenge’ in your community, we highly recommend Brenda and her staff for your consideration. Read more.   Katherine Runman-Zimney, The Center for Mission -
Archdiocese of Saint Paul

The project is really wonderful. We loved that it gave the kids an "experience" to go with the donation. Thank you for putting together such a complete package for such a worthy cause. I'm sure we will give it ago again some other time. Patti Kamper, Preschool/Elementary Coordinator, St. Michael Catholic Church

“The kids were stunned that everyone didn’t have clean water to drink. … We had children empty their entire piggy banks!” Crawford Street United Methodist Church

“It raised awareness and opened people’s eyes to the fact that they can make a difference.” Faith Bible Chapel Youth Group

Well, we did it again! This is the third year that the Franciscan Youth USA participated in the H2O Project, and every year it's just gotten bigger! I thought I would send you the national email that I sent out. In the next email I will attach some youth photos if you care to use them.

The Franciscan Youth/Young Adult Commission is thrilled to announce the following total donations received for the 2007 Lenten Project, “The H2O Project”, as of June 1st. We have once again surpassed all hopes! $11,853.78 was collected in the name of the Franciscan Youth USA. $ 1,250.00 will be donated to Mercy Ships for Clean Water Projects, $10,603.78 will be donated to the Franciscan Mission Service for Clean Water projects in the village of Cochabamba, Bolivia, South America See the full list of participants located at   Kathy Taormina, SFO, National FYYA Commission Chair


The whole parish did the project together. The pastor spoke at all Masses on the Sunday before Ash Wed and the youth group gave out the bracelets, the stickers and an info sheet. Every group in the parish participated from the elementary faith formation, to the men's club, to the parish school, to the Confirmation program...everyone!
We all wore our bracelets for the 2 weeks including the priests. Some families put out jars on their dining room table and every time they gave up drinking something other than tap water they put a note in the jar saying the amount of money they saved. One teen had a little paper in his pocket and he kept tabs that way. Our parish secretary connected her bracelet to her plastic water bottle that she kept filling from the tap. Some were pretty grumpy from no coffee, and I was at first but I actually decided to give up caffeine all together so even after the project I am not drinking coffee or any caffeine beverage.
On the third week of Lent everyone brought their money to Mass and Fr. Dave had put out a little wooden well at the front of church and everyone put their money in the well. We got everything from checks to big cups of change collected by children. It was a project that united our parish and we all were saying how we'll never take a drink of water again without counting our blessings and thinking of others. Thanks for the eye opening experience! Tami Palladino, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, St. Charles Catholic Church, San Carlos, CA


"Our kids loved the H2O project and can't wait until Advent to do it again!!"
"Our students now have an awareness about water issues in our world....." Annette Hritz, Second Grade Teacher, Guardian Angels Schools, Chaska, MN

It was a simple project yet challenging! As the youth director I had a student calling me everyday telling me how hard it was to go without their favorite soda or juice. This gave me an opportunity to encourage them and express to them that our sacrifice is nothing compared to Christ's sacrifice for us!
We began our two weeks on the night that the youth cooked Wed. night church dinner. We served only water and put out fliers that told about the H2O Project. Several adults committed to praying for us and gave us money towards the water. At the end we were able to share a testimony in the Sunday worship service that brought attention to the need for clean water around the world. The church family was very proud of the youth! We continue to pray for ways that we can help those around the world who are in need. Thanks for giving us a way to contribute! Spiritual Benefits: We prayed for the people who would be affected by the sacrifice we were making.
Sarah Brasington, Lorena United Methodist Youth

It was the easiest fundraising project I have ever been a part of. All of the materials you have online are very helpful. Elizabeth Limpic, Mercy Church

Our students were happy to give to a cause which they saw was dire. They spoke often of our chapel presentation where they saw pictures of children who went to school without water for the whole day. They also appreciated hearing from the gentleman who dug wells in Honduras and Africa and were touched when he explained the real meaning of the "water" project. We look forward to giving our students continued opportunities to give to this cause. Sincerely, Jean Himes, Secondary Principal, Northland Christian School

It's a dynamite idea. The H2O Project gave the students of our religious school a pratical, reasonable, concrete way of putting Jewish values and Jewish teachings into practice. Rabbi Matt Michaels, Congregation Jewish Community North

The H2O Project is a fantastic way to save lives. And it's so simple. With the Lord's blessing, the fruits of our labour exceeded our most optimistic projections. Truly a wonderful way to glorify the name of Jesus Christ!
Michael & Susanne Branham; St. Stephens Church; Twickenham, UK

It’s so simple. This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever done. Betty Christian, Lakewood UMC, Spring, TX

My own daughter has been very influenced by this. She is doing it again on her own for lent. The rest of us have seen lifetime changes for our family. My students were very excited. It’s great to have the wristbands and the water cups. They loved it. Jane Schwartz, Cubs for Christ, Kleb Intermediate, Spring, TX

We were pleased to play a part in this project. Thanks! John C. Mulder, President, Christian Community Foundation, Inc. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

Good for seeing a need and doing something about it. If the whole church did it we would make an impact far beyond anything we could imagine for the Kingdom. Chris Coffyn, Wycliffe Ministries

One of our leaders commented on how she leaned more on the Lord during the two weeks for her strength.
New Heights Church Junior High Girls' Cell Group , Fayetteville, AR

The H2O Project helped make us more aware of our blessings . It was an easy way to raise a lot of money in a way the kids could understand the reason for doing it. It was a great program. Sara M. , St. Andrew's United Methodist Cross Club, Grapevine, TX

This helped us to understand who we pray for when we pray for those in need. Leslie B. , St. Catherine of Siena Church , Mendon, NY

The video makes you realize how blessed you are. We hope to get the rest of the sorority involved next year.
Sue B., Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Ohio State University

Those who participated enjoyed sharing with their friends what they were doing and why. This is a great project for the youth group. Julie H., Sugar Creek Baptist Church , Sugar Land, TX

We appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the global effort to help people. We really liked the wristbands and the opportunity to explain why we were wearing them. Lynn O. , St. Oliver Plunkett , Snellville, GA

The H2O Project reminded us how fortunate we are. Michele K., Brownie Girl Scout Troop 11522, Cypress, TX

Our parish family found The H2O Project to be particularly touching since it involved a resource that we tend to take for granted. It was great to hear parents comment on how their children would remind then both at home and in restaurants to during only water. This project is truly a way to make us all aware of how blessed we are to have never suffered thirst. It was also a blessing to be able to provide for our brothers and sisters that are not so fortunate. Deborah S., St. Elizabeth Catholic Community , Port Neches, TX

The kids sacrificed for the sake of others. The 12th grade got competitive to see who could raise the most. They all understood that their contributions were helping those less fortunate than themselves.
Robin G. , Holy Redeemer Church, New Brennen, OH

The H2O Project is simple to present and implement. Mary Sue B., Holy Cross School, Santa Cruz, CA

Our student and staff took the challenge, and it was simpler than I expected! Coach Pace, RoseHill Christian School

The students at Klein High School's Fellowship of Christian Athletes were eager to participate in The H2O Project this past year. They encouraged each other not only to drink water and save their own Coke money for clean water wells, but also to pray for those who will potentially hear the Gospel of Jesus because the physical need for clean water will be met. The students' mature discipline and sacrifice for such a worthy cause was inspiring.

The information and instructions Brenda provided were clear and concise, and students were excited about taking on the challenge and seeing a real result from their efforts. Thanks, World Vision, for helping us learn stewardship and sacrifice in such a positive, practical way. We hope to make our involvement an annual tradition!
Lamar Schrader, FCA Sponsor



Cal-Poly Campus Wide - Using the wristbands.