The Statistics Are Staggering.

  • Almost 1 Billion very important people lack access to clean water. (Although we don't know them personally, are they really less valuable than we are?) They drink from polluted lakes and streams where animal waste, human waste, and parasites infect the water.
  • Women and children walk 2 hours each way to fetch water (hauling dirty water back to their families.) They have no time or energy left for education or small business, and many of them die.
  • Preventable water related diseases kill one child every 15 seconds. That's 5,000 every day (and that's just the children). Imagine if that many precious ones were dying in the U.S.!

    CHOLERA KILLS! (learn more)

    GUINEA WORM CRIPPLES! (learn more)

    TRACHOMA BLINDS! (learn more)

Roughly one out of every eight people lack access
to safe water.



As little as $10 can provide one person with a lifetime supply of clean water.
You can provide that money without dipping into your savings, without affecting your contributions to churches and other charities. Instead, you can effectively get restaurants and grocery stores to make a contribution for you. Here's how:

Take The H2O Challenge

  • For 2 weeks make water your only beverage.
  • Contribute the money you would have spent at the soda machine and
    coffee shop toward the drilling of clean water wells.

> Is it a sacrifice to give up your milk, coffee, soda, etc. for 2 weeks?     Yes!
> Will you be changing someone else's life forever.     Absolutely.

> What does The H2O Project get out of it?     Financially, absolutely nothing, but we get the joy of knowing we have helped you (and many like you) make a difference. Click here to learn more about The H2O Challenge.

Common Water Related Diseases


Cholera is caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. People become infected after eating food or drinking water that has been contaminated by the faeces of infected persons.

Guinea worm disease is a debilitating and painful infection caused by a large roundworm found in contaminated water. The worm penetrates the stomach, makes its way to the skin, and after growing to a length of 3 feet, emerges from the body through a painful blister.

Trachoma is an infection of the eyes and is the world's leading cause of preventable blindness. It occurs where there is limited access to water, slowly scarring the inside of the eyelid and eventually the cornea.